In order to properly style the rest of the UI from the style sheet I need 
separate classes made for a few page elements.  I need separate classes for:

• Buttons in the action panel. The text in the buttons share properties with 
the top tier selected elements

• Separate style for the tabs that do not inherit styles from the rest of the 
buttons. They share the ui-state-default class

• The bottom td in the lists that specify the number users who matched. The 
goal is to have the list a min-height. This could be done multiple ways. This 
could be done by specifying a minimum amount of tds empty or filled. Specifying 
list height distorts cell sizes. The other reason is to have 1px line at the 
bottom of the list. 

•Even when pages list pages don't have search capability we still should have a 
class for those to specify spacing. We are currently using .search-controls we 
need a separate one for non search list pages. We also need to put this in all 
of the non-search list pages in the code.

•The text based -/+ are not working in the detail pages. The - shows by default 
and does not look clickable. We need to make these another separate buttons 
class. We still want to use the -/+ shapes but as the ui-icon style. This also 
needs to be specified outside of the style sheet.


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