Jan Zelený wrote:
Rob Crittenden<rcrit...@redhat.com>  wrote:
Give the memberof plugin time to work when adding/removing reverse members.

When we add/remove reverse members it looks like we're operating on
group A but we're really operating on group B. This adds/removes the
member attribute on group B and the memberof plugin adds the memberof
attribute into group A.

We need to give the memberof plugin a chance to do its work so loop a
few times, reading the entry to see if the number of memberof is more or
less what we expect. Bail out if it is taking too long.

ticket 560


About that FIXME you got there: I'm not sure if it wouldn't be better to
handle the possible exception right in the wait_for_memberof method (I guess
it depends on what exception are we expecting and what are we going to do with
it?). If you want the exception to reach the calling function, I'd like to see
some kind of exception handling in that function - either to let the user know
that the error occurred during this waiting or maybe to disregard the
exception and continue normal operation.

The types of exceptions could run the gambit but I was wondering what would happen if we were looping and some other user deleted the role. The next search for it would fail with NotFound. Granted this isn't a very friendly message to return to someone after adding a member to the group but it does sort of make sense (someone deleted it concurrently). It seemed best to just let this filter up to the caller.

Some nitpicking: I'm confused - in the doc string you state that "this will
loop for 6+ seconds" and a couple lines below, you have a comment "Don't sleep
for more that 6 seconds" - is there a mistake ar are these two statements

Yeah, I was afraid that might be confusing. I'll wait .3 seconds 20 times so 6 seconds. There are a few LDAP calls which take a bit of time as well, so it will be 6+ seconds if it goes the whole time.


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