Jan Zeleny wrote:
Rob Crittenden<rcrit...@redhat.com>  wrote:
Jan Zelený wrote:
Rob Crittenden<rcrit...@redhat.com>   wrote:
The problem was that the normalizer was returning each value as a tuple
which we were then appending to a list, so it looked like [(u'value1',),
(u'value2',),...]. If there was a single value we could end up adding a
tuple to a list which would fail. Additionally python-ldap doesn't like
lists of lists so it was failing later in the process as well.

I've added some simple tests for setattr and addattr.

ticket 565

One question? Why are you removing radiusprofile string in chunk #3?
Other than that the patch is fine.

I had removed it from the default user objectclasses in another patch
and hadn't removed it here. I'm removing it now so the tests I added pass.


Ok, Ack.

pushed to master

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