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On Tue, 07 Dec 2010 08:21:20 -0500
Stephen Gallagher <> wrote:

Something we used to do at my old job was base it on the IPv4
address of the primary network adapter in the machine. Basically,
we could take the integer representation of the IP address, take
the modulus 10000 of it, and choose the range from that.
That's not needed, if you want to force a specific range you can
simply pass an option to the installer.

This would also provide a guarantee that replicas on the same
network would get unique ranges (instead of a 1 in 10,000 chance
of doubling up).
Replicas take a cut of the range from the first master, sharing the
assigned initial range between them (see the DNA plugin[1] Shared
config to understand how it works)

These are just suggestions. The patch as it exists right now looks
fine to me (though I haven't tested it).
I have tested it :)



In that case: ack.

Pushed to master.


Did this make it into a man page or other doc anywhere, or is there a ticket to do so?

Also, s/arent't/aren't/  ;-)

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