Attached are patches to address:
    5) -The UI needs separate run-as-user and run-as-group categories for
the "As Whom" section. The UI also needs a way to manage the list of
users/groups for the run-as-user, and the list of groups for the
run-as-group. The CLI doesn't have these attributes or operations.

First patch is for the sudo plugin to address the bug.

Second patch is the corresponding updates to the sudorule tests suite to
ease the review process. ;)

Attachment: freeipa-jraquino-0008-2-tests-for-sudo-run-as-user-or-group.patch
Description: freeipa-jraquino-0008-2-tests-for-sudo-run-as-user-or-group.patch

Attachment: freeipa-jraquino-0008-sudo-run-as-user-or-group.patch
Description: freeipa-jraquino-0008-sudo-run-as-user-or-group.patch

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