On 12/13/2010 01:28 PM, Dmitri Pal wrote:
In addition to the issues I explain above here is what I also noticed:
1) As we mentioned there is no "Description" in ACI. The description and
name is the same field for ACI.

Description is in the Meta data, and gets returned with ipa
permission_show, role_show, and privilege_show
May be but I was under impression that the name and description is
really the same.

2) There is a label it is the name of the task group the ACI is
associated with - it is missing

It is not in the metadata.
Then it should be unless we can always name it the same way as name, but
as far as I understand this is not the case right now.

3) Rest of the screen does not make much sense at all but the attribute
part seems fine.
4) I do not like some of the levels on the left in the menu. It is all
mixed up.
5) The Privileges, Permissions and Role Groups are jumping and changing
places depending on your selection - this is wrong. They should just

They do "just expand" and contract, but we don't have any animation in
there.  The order stays the same, but the are under each one either
shows or hides the controls.

No, the one you click bubbles to the top at least for me.

6) The hierarchy is broken for permissions

What hierarchy?
The LIST PERMISSIONS is now on the same level as Permissions - this is

No, the term 'list' gets appended, as per UXD. They still have some more styling to do there, but the label change has been there for a while. Look at SUDO and HBAC and they do the same thing.

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