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FreeIPA v2 DNS integration relies on a BIND plugin to store the DNS data
in LDAP, which was written by Martin Nagy. Martin, who left the FreeIPA
development team some time ago was the only person with commit access to
this repository, leaving it both unmaintained and uneditable.

We need to discuss how to proceed with this dependency on FreeIPA.
Originally, Martin's plan was to campaign for this plugin's acceptance
into the BIND upstream, and to terminate the separate bind-dyndb-ldap
project. I think that this is a valuable long-term goal, but we need to
discuss shorter-term needs.

As we work to finalize FreeIPA v2, it's very likely that we will
discover one or more bugs in bind-dyndb-ldap. If this happens, we will
have to provide patches and get them included in Fedora.

However, Fedora has a strong policy against shipping patches that aren't
upstream, and we have no way currently of pushing them upstream.

So I figure that we have the following options to consider:

1) Petition the Fedora Infrastructure team to turn over ownership of
this upstream project. This is likely to meet with resistance without
the input of the current owner (who is more or less unreachable at this
point). The bind-dyndb-ldap project was initiated with FreeIPA as its
primary patron, but I'm not certain this would be sufficient argument to
the admins to annex the project.

2) Open dialog with the BIND upstream and push very hard to merge this
code into their mainline, then involve ourselves with their process to
push patches. This is probably our best long-term approach, but
currently we have no control over when the ldap plugin would be merged,
and how soon afterwards that it would be pushed into Fedora.

3) Fork bind-dyndb-ldap into a new project that we maintain and include
in Fedora. This is the least controversial approach, as it will involve
no difficult political maneuvering to include. However, it also requires
an additional effort in setting up a new project and getting packages
approved in Fedora.

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