Adam Young wrote:
1.  Can't add an ACI.  Before, I was able to get away with a blank
filter, but that doesn't seem to work anymore.

Do you know when things changed? You probably shouldn't set values that aren't used.

2. Delegation-add : the group-find for the combo boxes isn't getting
3. Some edits are broken for Permissions: For certain, update dns entries

I updated the ticket with info on this. I think you're using the wrong key to the metadata (dns vs dnszone).

4. adding self service permission, attrs is required, even if the user
just wants to do an 'add' permission.

There should be no 'add' on selfservice, only read/write. This is only granting access to attributes which is why they are required.

5. Modifying the self service permission just added gives an internal
error. I removed the 'delete' and 'write' permission ( which I did not
set in the add dialog) as well as the 'audio' permission. Log is below:

Patch 658 should fix this.

Some of these are on the UI side, and some are on the server side. We'll
need to sort out which is which.

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