Adam Young wrote:
I've been working with Kyle Baker to implement the cleanup of the
migration and the error reporting pages. One thing that is messing us up
is the fact that the URL as exposed on the server is different than the
file structure. I'd like to propose the folowing changes:

First: rename install/static to install/ui.

You just want to rename the directory in the git tree?

I wanted to use this name from the get go, but there was a conflict with
the wsgi based ui. It has been gone for a long enough time now that the
rename should cause no conflicts.

Second: merge the html directory into the ui directory.

I'm ok with that, it's just 2 files.

We need them to be separate originally because the UI was getting
authentication, but the error messages and so forth were not. NOw, none
of the ui gets authenticated, only the JSON RPC.

Third: make an RPC url that we can call without authentication.

The migration page is the last thing we have that uses server side
scripting. I'd like to complete the work of splitting UI from business
logic. However, the migration code needs to make an RPC unauthenticated.
Right now this is the only page that needs to do so, but we could
potentially have others. If we made a parallel structure for xml rpc and
json RPC that could be called unauthenticated, we could also perform the
migration from the command line or other applications, which would
support some new use cases.

I think the order of execution should be the order I listed them above.

I don't understand the need for the third one. The logic is stills server-side it just uses a separate python script.


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