Dmitri Pal wrote:

Here are some issues that I came across during my testing of the latest
IPA version on Friday.
Please take a look and file tickets as appropriate.

1) Can't bail out from the install
Start IPA install without any command line parameters. It any prompt try
to stop installation by pressing Ctrl+C.
You are still at the prompt and there is no way to abort installation.
This can be an ER.

Was this in a password prompt? I'm thinking that python 2.7 changed their handling.

2) For the unattended install with -U the -u is listed as required option
        -u, --user=DS_USER
               The user that the Directory Server will run as
Why it is a required if the interactive install never asks for it. IMO a

It seemed an unnecessary question to prompt for in the UI so we removed it. It should be optional in non-interactive.

3) When adding service in UI via popup it does not automatically append
realm to the host when it creates a service pricipal.
IMO a bug.

The framework will add the realm automatically if it is not provided. Or are you actually seeing a service created with no realm?

4) The service status is all messed up and unclear. After just being
added it should be in "not provisioned"
state but this is not what you see. You see as if it is already provisioned.
When the service screen is shown it blinks showing a lot of different
buttons and statuses before it settles down on the following UI

Please retry. May be it is already addressed with latest fixes.

5) The items in the action panel are now black

The links in the action panel that you are supposed to click are now
black which is not intuitive since they are clickable links.

6) [dpal@lenovo ~]$ ipa host-add foobar.home --ip-address=
ipa: ERROR: The host was added but the DNS update failed with: DNS zone not found

Should not fail since --no-reverse is specified. I checked. If the zone
is there it is added automatically.

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