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Attached is a patch that changes the uniqueness constraint of
keys from (key) to (key,info) pairs. The patch is not really
baseldap style. The reason is that during development, I found
baseldap is really dependent on having a single primary key and
during many operations accessing it as keys[-1].

Please note that the ipa automountkey-* commands used to have
args, now its two args and two required options (that compose the
that is primary key). I know next to nothing about UI, but I
has consequences as the JSON marshalled call needs to be different
Can someone point me to the place in code that I need to fix now?


Sorry, I left some debugging statements in. Attached is a new

Attached is a patch that applies cleanly on top of origin/master.

Can you provide some guidance on how to test this patch?




The main change to CLI is that both key and info must be provided.
are put into the description attribute, at the same time this
tuple is checked for uniqueness.

The automount test is a good start for testing the patch. It also tests
a duplicate direct map. To test the duplicates manually:

ipa automountlocation-add baltimore
ipa automountmap-add baltimore auto.direct2
ipa automountkey-add baltimore auto.master --key=/- --info=auto.direct2
ipa automountlocation-tofiles baltimore

You should see something like:
/- /etc/
/- /etc/auto.direct2

Ack with two conditions and a question:


1. Check with qe to see if they already have tests for automount. If
they do we'll need to coordinate getting their tests updated.

Jenny, I see you are in the CC list. Do you know?

2. The samples in the command help don't use the --key argument, can you
update them?

Sorry, but I think the samples are OK. I just tried cut-n-pasting all of
them into the terminal and found one glitch (new patch that fixes just
that typo in help is attached), but all the ipa automountkey-* commands
list the --key parameter in help.

Or do you mean something else than the output of ipa help automount?

Ok, you're right. Time to get my eyes checked :-)

If Jenny says ok then ack.



Can you import multiple direct maps?

Yes, just tested. If someone would like to test, please note that when
you create a new automount location, a direct map is created for the new
location by default. This is how I imported a /etc/auto.master file with
multiple direct maps:

# create a new location
ipa automountlocation-add testimport
# remove the reference to the direct map from the auto.master map
ipa automountkey-del testimport auto.master --key=/-
# remove the location
ipa automountmap-del testimport
# import the new maps
ipa automountlocation-import testimport /etc/auto.master

My /etc/auto.master looks something like this:
- -----
/misc /etc/auto.misc
/net -hosts
/- /etc/
/- /etc/auto.direct2
/home /etc/auto.home
- -----

Jenny says ok, pushed to master


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