Simo Sorce wrote:
On Thu, 2011-01-27 at 11:27 +0100, Jan Zelený wrote:
Simo Sorce<>  wrote:
First part of ticket #855

Add the requires we will need on F15, tested against jdennis ipa-devel
repo, works as expected.


The patch is obviously ok, so ack from this point of view. But I would just
like to know if it is necessary. I just inspected F15 pki-ca package from
nightly repo - it does Require pki-ca-theme>= 9.0.0 (which is provided by
dogtag-pki-ca-theme) and we will be requiring pki-ca. I suspect similar
situation will be for dogtag-pki-common-theme. So I don't see why we should
explicitly Require both packages ourselves.

Thanks in advance for explanation

Sorry I don't know why they are needed I just implemented the ticket Rob


I asked the same question before filing the ticket, here is the response:

Actually, all three theme packages contain the exact same "Provides:" statements (e. g. - ipa-pki-common-theme "Provides: pki-common-theme" and dogtag-pki-common-theme "Provides: pki-common-theme") while the actual package pki-common "Requires: pki-common-theme"). For this reason, it is up to the end-user (in this case, FreeIPA and IPA) to decide which theme package will be installed (regardless of platform), and that is why we are suggesting that FreeIPA specifically "Requires: dogtag-pki-common-theme" and "Requires: dogtag-pki-ca-theme" while IPA v2 specifically "Requires: ipa-pki-common-theme" and "Requires: ipa-pki-ca-theme".

For Fedora, although neither ipa nor redhat theme packages will be available, all three will potentially be available on RHEL platforms.

To address this issue from the CS view, the original intention has (and will continue to be) to eventually resolve this by supplying Meta packages which require specific themes (e. g. - dogtag-pki, dogtag-pki-ca, redhat-pki, redhat-pki-ca, etc.), as currently, unless the FreeIPA and IPA applications specifically require specific theme packages, there are no packages which explicitly require a specific PKI theme package.

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