Martin Kosek wrote:
On Mon, 2011-01-31 at 11:03 -0500, Rob Crittenden wrote:
Martin Kosek wrote:
On Fri, 2011-01-28 at 18:48 -0500, Rob Crittenden wrote:
Rob Crittenden wrote:
Rename permissions and privileges to more human-readable names. I'm also
dropping description from permissions since it seems redundant.

Note that the entitlement acis are left untouched here, they are changed
in a pending patch (664).

ticket 792


I guess I should remove description from the pre-defined permission
entries too.



I have found some minor inconsistencies in LDIF (except the entitlements
permission/priviledge naming you mentioned in log):

1) A description is still present for several permissions:
Retrieve Certificates from the CA
Request Certificate
Request Certificates from a different host
Get Certificates status from the CA
Revoke Certificate
Certificate Remove Hold

2) Priviledge cn=admins,cn=privileges,cn=pbac,$SUFFIX does not exists. I
know this was not changed by your patch, but I noticed it during the
review and now may be a good opportunity to fix it:

dn: cn=Manage service keytab,cn=permissions,cn=pbac,$SUFFIX
changetype: add
objectClass: top
objectClass: groupofnames
cn: Manage service keytab
member: cn=Service Administrators,cn=privileges,cn=pbac,$SUFFIX
member: cn=admins,cn=privileges,cn=pbac,$SUFFIX<==

1) This uncommon number order may rise questions :-)

1. The name of the permission.
3. The target of the permission.
4. The permissions granted by the permission.

2) I would change default permission-add examples to follow our new
permission-naming format (more verbose one), i.e. instead of

   Add a permission that grants the creation of users:
     ipa permission-add --type=user --permissions=add adduser

I would like something like this:

   Add a permission that grants the creation of users:
     ipa permission-add --type=user --permissions=add "Add Users"

Other changes seems OK.


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