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On 01/31/2011 04:29 PM, Rob Crittenden wrote:
> Jakub Hrozek wrote:
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>> On 01/05/2011 04:38 PM, Rob Crittenden wrote:
>>> This patch adds a plugin and tools for managing entitlements for host
>>> machines.
>>> Testing is rather complex so I've attached a script to help set up the
>>> Candlepin server. You'll need to ping me out of band for the backend
>>> data. This configures the Candlepin server with an in-memory database so
>>> any time tomcat6 is restarted you'll need to reload the data.
>>> You have to run candlepin.setup as root. This will configure your Fedora
>>> tomcat6 instance.
>>> Once your candlepin server is setup and IPA is installed do something
>>> like:
>>> $ ipa entitle-register admin
>>> (password is admin)
>>> $ ipa entitle-consume 25
>>> $ ipa entitle-status
>>> (verify that it is 25)
>>> # ipa-compliance
>>> (should be 1 of 50)
>>> Our tools can consume only, not return entitlements.
>>> tickets 28, 79 and 278.
>>> rob
>> can you rebase the patch so it applies cleanly on the current master?
> attached
> rob

Functionally, the patch seems to be working fine -- great job!.

I just have a couple of minor comments:
 * I think a recent change to delegation.ldif conflicts with the patch.
I was able to do a 3-way merge, but please check it merges OK.

 * During build, rpm-build complains about /etc/cron.d/ipa-compliance
being listed twice

 * the two commented lines in ipa-compliance that test Bind using DM and
Bind using GSSAPI should be removed

 * I think that the ipa-compliance tool never deletes the directory with
the ccache (tmpdir)

 * in ipa-compliance:
+    if not truncated:
+        hostcount = len(entries)
+    else:
+        # FIXME: raise an error
+        pass
 I'm not opposed to FIXMEs in the code, but maybe there should be a
ticket so we don't forget them. Also, hostcount should be initialized in
the else: branch, later on, the code accesses it and would blow up.

 * In the entitlement plugin, the 'hidden' attributes could have
flags=['no_option', 'no_output'] so they don't show up in the UI

 * If I consume all the entitlements with ipa entitle-consume and ask
for more, I get an internal server error - we should probably catch the
RestlibException from candlepin

 * when I started testing I made a typo in the candlepin instance
hostname. ipa entitle-register then blew up.. The traceback looks like
it comes from rhsm. I don't think we absolutely need to fix it now, but
we should at least track it in a ticket.
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