On 02/01/2011 11:36 PM, Rob Crittenden wrote:
Pavel mentioned this morning that translations didn't seem to be
working. I remembered that I did some things on the cli so I re-tested.
Turned out that exceptions aren't being translated.

I'm not at all sure this patch does the right thing, so take it with a
grain of salt. What it does is translates the message before stuffing it
into the exception.

Note that this will also translate messages returned via XML-RPC so I
wonder if we need to force LANG to en_US.UTF-8 there.

In any case, this seems to fix the client side anyway. I'm open to
criticism on this one.

To test do something like:

$ kinit admin
$ export LANG=es_US.UTF-8
$ ipa user-add --first=Kermit --last=Frog kfrog
$ ipa user-add --first=Kermit --last=Frog kfrog

You should get a DuplicateEntry() response in Spanish.



While this patch works, it doesn't solve the problem at its root.

After some investigation I figured out, that functions initializing translations in ipalib/request.py are not called from anywhere. All the translation code in ipalib/request.py is currently deprecated in favor of ipalib/text.py. I'm preparing a patch, that removes the unused code and replaces references to it.


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