The current process to add a host today is:

Create an A record
run add host

We have --force which will allow us to add the host even if the A record doesn't exist, but do we have a way to say, add this host, A record, and AAAA record all at the same time?

From a cloud perspective, it seems like we are going to get a lot of short lived VMs that will need all three at once. I can see a work flow like this:

User requests a number of VMs.
VMs get clones from templates and spun up
VMs get IP address from DHCP server.
DHCP server notifies IPA server of new hosts
IPA server adds host entries, A and AAAA records
VM runs ipa-client install as part of firstboot

The IPA server might even get notified earlier. I could see the cloud provider pushing the info to ipa prior to cloning the VM.

How would we go about doing that today?

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