Dmitri Pal wrote:
On 02/10/2011 07:25 PM, David O'Brien wrote:
Dmitri Pal wrote:
On 02/10/2011 03:05 PM, Jakub Hrozek wrote:
On 02/10/2011 05:12 PM, Rob Crittenden wrote:
But what other roles do we need? The mind boggles and rather than
dictating what the initial ones will be I'm looking for some


I'm actually wondering if we need to define many default roles in the
upstream project. I'm thinking that every organization will have
different needs and different ways of role delegation anyway, so I
would rather make sure this feature is well documented with examples
and use cases.

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I think that a reasonble set of 3 -5 roles and documentation how to
change them should be sufficient.

I agree. On top of what Dmitri has already sent out, this thread is a
really good continuation of documenting delegation, permissions,
roles, etc., especially because this area is so different from v1. If
we look at it from two perspectives, one being What does IPA need to
function?, and the other being What do customers need?, then we can
probably come up with a short list and provide some basic use cases,
descriptions, and examples.

Dmitri's list of 5 is good, although I would suggest settling on a
naming format, by which I mean rather than a combination of
person-based and role-based names, use a consistent format. Security
Architect&  IPA Administrator are people (faiap), while Helpdesk is a
department. Anyway, you get the idea.

We've already started with Name, Description, Goals; with a few use
cases I can put together short sections with links to existing docs on
how to use the relevant commands, or write them as needed.

Sounds like a good idea.

Well, some of these roles don't really match what we are shipping in v2. There is no place for Application Administrator at all and End User is implicit. So that leaves 3 roles. If we go with these we'll need to add some additional permissions/privileges to support it.

If we go with this, here is what we're looking at. Also note that the role "IPA Administrator" is distinct from the group cn=admins which gives pretty much global access. Those that need additional permissions/privileges are marked with the ticket number.

* Security Architect
 * IPA config (950)
 * Replication
 * Define delegation of roles to other, lower-level administrators

* IPA Administrator
 * Define and create groups (and delete?)
 * Define the relationships between groups (what does this mean?)
 * Define and create roles for users and groups (what does this mean?)
 * Create nested groups (I don't know if we can have an aci for this)

* Help Desk
* Review what groups are enabled on what hosts (what does this mean, all groups are enabled on all hosts, right?)
 * Set up/manage a user's attributes
 * Place a user in a specific group
 * Reset a user password

This is a good start but it completely leaves out the following:

* Users (helpdesk can modify & reset password, nobody can add/delete)
* Host management
* Service management
* Hostgroups
* netgroups
* Automount


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