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Jan Zelený<> wrote:
Rob Crittenden<> wrote:
Yi found a tricky way to remove required attributes that aren't
in the schema. The problem was we weren't enforcing parameter.required
in mods (because it was enforcing that every variable with required be

I added a new check routine that is executed after setattr/addattr does
its work and verifies that no required parameters get skipped.

ticket 852


Looks fine, works as expected. ACK

I'm just not sure whether is is necessary to call the function twice
- once
on self.params and once on self.obj.params (I get the latter one, but
not sure whether the former one is necessary).

Hmm, you may be right. I did it in case any of self.params had a
requires on it, but since this is a mod operation then I think by
definition it can't.


One more thing - I'm not sure whether it is necessary to add the check to
LDAPCreate - I tried to create role with empty description and it
failed as

I think you're. I did it to prevent something like this:

# ipa group-add --desc='foo' --setattr description='' foo

but it is already handled.

I'll work up a new patch.


Updated patch attached.


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