This patch fixes the netgroup plugin's behavior of adding duplicate entries 
when the managed entry plugin creates a netgroup with a mepManagedEntry
This problem is documented in ticket:

As noted by Endi for issue #3 in the History:
"3. Just out of curiosity, I tried adding a netgroup with the same name as the 
hostgroup. I expected it to conflict with the managed netgroup, but it actually 
worked. Searching the directory will return 2 netgroups with the same name:"

Historically the netgroup plugin had inappropriately defined: rdn_attribute = 
This caused the ability of duplication with the creation of native netgroups 
using the ipaUniqueId as the DN and as the Managed Entry netgroups utilizing 
the cn as the DN.

Patch includes adjustments for the netgroup plugin and corresponding 

Please verify that the items requested in #963 are now complete and please 
confirm that the corresponding tests all pass.

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