Pavel Zůna wrote:
On 2011-02-17 05:09, Rob Crittenden wrote:
Pavel Zůna wrote:
My efforts in fixing localization all around the framework and preparing
it for localizing docstrings have resulted in a lot of patches. Because
I understand they have become a bit hard to track, I decided to post
them all together in this thread to make review easier.

After this is committed, there will be one more patch that switches
xgettext for pygettext. Then hopefully, we'll be pretty much set when it
comes to i18n.


Patch 81 isn't applying for me.

Help is not working for me either, this is due to patch 80.

$ ipa help user
ipa: ERROR: NameError: global name '_' is not defined
Traceback (most recent call last):
File "/home/rcrit/redhat/freeipa-version/ipalib/", line 1087, in
File "/home/rcrit/redhat/freeipa-version/ipalib/", line 619,
in finalize
plugin_iter(base, (magic[k] for k in magic))
File "/home/rcrit/redhat/freeipa-version/ipalib/", line 397, in
sorted(members, key=lambda m: getattr(m, name_attr))
File "/home/rcrit/redhat/freeipa-version/ipalib/", line 608,
in plugin_iter
plugins[klass] = PluginInstance(klass)
File "/home/rcrit/redhat/freeipa-version/ipalib/", line 585,
in __init__
self.instance = klass()
File "/home/rcrit/redhat/freeipa-version/ipalib/", line 184,
in __init__
self.doc = _(inspect.getdoc(cls))
NameError: global name '_' is not defined
ipa: ERROR: an internal error has occurred

Patches 69, 71 and 73 are still working fine.

What is switching from xgettext to pygettext going to do?

This was answered by John Dennis: xgettext doesn't parse python docstrings.


Rebased version of 81 attached. It should also fix the traceback you're


Something is still not working. I'm having a hard time reproducing how I got this but with LANG=es_US.UTF-8 for a while I was getting this with every ipa user-* request:

ipa: ERROR: UnicodeEncodeError: 'ascii' codec can't encode character u'\xf1' in position 20: ordinal not in range(128)
Traceback (most recent call last):
File "/home/rcrit/redhat/freeipa-version/ipalib/", line 1090, in run
  File "/home/rcrit/redhat/freeipa-version/ipalib/", line 917, in run
rv = cmd.output_for_cli(self.api.Backend.textui, result, *args, **options) File "/home/rcrit/redhat/freeipa-version/ipalib/", line 953, in output_for_cli
    textui.print_entries(result, order, labels, flags, print_all)
File "/home/rcrit/redhat/freeipa-version/ipalib/", line 346, in print_entries self.print_entry(entry, order, labels, flags, print_all, format, indent) File "/home/rcrit/redhat/freeipa-version/ipalib/", line 378, in print_entry
    label, value, format, indent, one_value_per_line
File "/home/rcrit/redhat/freeipa-version/ipalib/", line 309, in print_attribute
    self.print_indented(format % (attr, text[0]), indent)
File "/home/rcrit/redhat/freeipa-version/ipalib/", line 232, in print_indented
    print (CLI_TAB * indent + text)
UnicodeEncodeError: 'ascii' codec can't encode character u'\xf1' in position 20: ordinal not in range(128)
ipa: ERROR: ha ocurrido un error interno

I think it is blowing up on this user:

  User login: jose
  First name: Jose
  Last name: contraseñas
  Home directory: /home/jose
  Login shell: /bin/sh
  Account disabled: TRUE
  Member of groups: ipausers

Then all of a sudden things started working fine, so I'm not sure what's going on.

Is this traceback meaningful to you?


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