Rob Crittenden wrote:
Add a man page for the IPA configuration file default.conf.

ticket 969



A few too many typos and other errors.

"Spaces between the equals sign are ignored."
Do you mean, "Spaces surrounding equals signs are ignored."?

+Specifies the base DN to use when performan LDAP operations.

+Specfies the secure CA agent port. The defauilt is 9443.

+Specifies the unsecure CA end user port. The default is 9190.

"For example. if you want to always perform client requests in verbose mode but do not want to have verbose enabled on the server add the verbose option to \fI/etc/ipa/cli.conf\fR."
comma after "example", not a period.
add a comma after "enabled on the server"

+Specifies whether the CA is acting is an RA agent,
as an RA agent

"+Specifies the name of the CA backend to use. The current options are \fBselfsign\fR and \fBdogtag\fR. This is a server\-side setting. Changing this value is not recommended as the CA backend is only set up during ininitial installation."
s/backend/back end/

+Specifies the kerberos realm.

"...and show the server(s) the client contacts."

+user IPA configurationf ile
configuration file

"+Optional configuration files used in a particular context are. The value of mode is used to attempt to load these files, if they exist:"
I'm not sure what this means


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