Pavel Zůna wrote:

Rebased patch 81 and 83 (pygettext).

Created a new patch to fix these latest test failures - it was easier
than doing a complex rebase.

All latest versions of localization patches are attached to this email
for review.

I tried to apply them on a clean master clone, build RPMs, installed and
run all unit tests. So hopefully, we're finally going to get this in. :)


I don't understand some of these (and past changes):

- Updated patch 83-2 just changes the commit message slightly
- Patch 84 comments out several lines in the tests.There isn't any explaination what these changes do and why they are needed. It seems to be disabling a confirmation that changing locale works. - Patch 82 drops a bunch of the old ugettext code which is fine, but I think one of the purposes was to make sure that translation was occurring. - Patch 82 in changing the languages is removed. Are we really exercising this code?


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