On 2011-02-23 20:26, Rob Crittenden wrote:
Pavel Zůna wrote:

Rebased patch 81 and 83 (pygettext).

Created a new patch to fix these latest test failures - it was easier
than doing a complex rebase.

All latest versions of localization patches are attached to this email
for review.

I tried to apply them on a clean master clone, build RPMs, installed and
run all unit tests. So hopefully, we're finally going to get this in. :)


I don't understand some of these (and past changes):

- Updated patch 83-2 just changes the commit message slightly

I rebased everything and did, generated new patches and did a diff to see if anything has changed. This patch had differences in line numbers, so I decided to make a new one, just to make sure it applies cleanly on master.

- Patch 84 comments out several lines in the tests.There isn't any
explaination what these changes do and why they are needed. It seems to
be disabling a confirmation that changing locale works.

It comments out parts that tests the deprecated code removed by patch 69. I probably should have removed the lines completely, but wanted to keep them for reference - guess there's no point really.

We no longer setup languages in the code, but rather get them from what is passed from the terminal OR from what is requested over XML-RPC.

All localization code that uses the context thread local variable doesn't work anyway - that's why the tests were failing.

- Patch 82 drops a bunch of the old ugettext code which is fine, but I
think one of the purposes was to make sure that translation was occurring.
- Patch 82 in test_text.py changing the languages is removed. Are we
really exercising this code?

Same deal as 84.



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