On 3/2/2011 9:29 AM, Adam Young wrote:
Not a 100% solution, but keeps the groups-user facet from exploding.
Includes fixes for services

Some issues:

1. See these lines in associate.js:

604: that.relationship_filter = spec.relationship_filter;
Meant to remove that.

899: var relationship_filter = 'in_' + that.entity_name;

The spec.relationship_filter is actually never used and the
relationship_filter will always be in_<entity name>. For now this is
not a problem because the only facet using this code is member_user,
but I think 899 should be fixed to take that.relationship_filter if
it's defined.

We'll implement a complete solution next. I don't want to add unused code.

I don't see any harm fixing 899 instead of removing 604. It's just a simple fix which provides convenience, not a big chunk of useless code. As soon as someone needs a different relationship filter we'd have to add 604 back in and fix 899 anyway. We have a lot of convenience code which are probably not used anyway (e.g. default values), but the overall code is better with them there.

2. The description column has been removed from host's and service's
enrollment dialogs, so the column widths for the remaining columns
need to be adjusted (e.g. fqdn should be 200px now). Otherwise the
column header will be too short (try adding a new managedby-host).

name: 'fqdn',
primary_key: true,
width: '100px'

- that.create_adder_column({
- name: 'description',
- width: '100px'
- });

We shouldn't be using px, either, but I'll adjust this way for now. Or
could I do something like 100%?

Try adding managedby-host with at least 6 hosts in the list (to make the scrollbar appear). If the column headers and the scrollbar appear fine then it's ok.

Endi S. Dewata

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