Our i18n translations are provided for us by the gracious contributions of translators on transifex.net. Transifex is a translation portal. We've always used transfiex.net but recently Transfex upgraded their software to their first 1.0 version and Fedora's translations have moved from a Fedora transifex 0.7 instance to the larger transifex.net 1.0 instance. This means we've made a few changes with how we manage our translations in IPA.

The biggest change is we can now push our pot file changes (a pot file is the english source strings which need translating) to the TX server and we can pull translators updates to a language translation (e.g. a po file) from the TX server into our git repository. Previously I had manually done this work via email with the translators on transifex.net.

As a developer you may which to update our pot file (for example if you've added new strings in our source which will need translation) or you may wish to pull any new translations provided by translators into our git repo so that the packages we produce have the latest translations. Both of these can be done with the tx client.

I have already added our projects tx configuration file to our git repo (.tx/config) in our top level directory. You will need a personal tx user configuration file (~/.transifexrc) and an account on transifex.net. You will also need to ask me (or someone else with admin permissions for our project on transifex.net to add you to the maintainer access control list).

1) Install the transifex-client package

$ sudo yum install transifex-client

but because the transifex-client is new you might need to enable the updates-testing repo to find it

$ sudo yum --enablerepo=updates-testing install transifex-client

There is documentation on using the tx client here:


(Note, I have already created the project files via 'tx init' and 'tx set' do not redo this work. You can find our project config file in our git repo as .tx/config

2) Create an account on transifex.net


3) If you want to avoid some typing you can create a personal tx client config file (~/transifexrc)

$ cd ~
$ tx init     # answer the prompts
$ rm -rf .tx  # remove the project directory tx init needlessly created

4) Contact me and I'll add you as a maintainer

5) Visit our project page.


If you want to update our pot file:

1) cd install/po

$ make update-pot
$ cd ../..
$ tx push -s

If you want to pull new translations

$ tx pull
$ git commit -a
$ # mail your patch to freeipa-devel


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