I was facing an error with ipapython that caused an NSPRError exception to
be raised at line 159 of ipapython/nsslib.py :

157                 logging.debug("connecting: %s", net_addr)
158                 try:
159                     self.sock.connect(net_addr, family)
160                 except Exception, e:
161                     logging.debug("Could not connect socket to %s,
error: %s, retrying..",
162                                   net_addr, str(e))

The error message was : [Errno -5990] (PR_IO_TIMEOUT_ERROR) I/O operation
timed out.

It seems like the second argument to 'connect' is a timeout, not the
socket family. I attached a patch that just removes the second argument.
Or am I missing something ?

Sylvain Baubeau

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