On 03/14/2011 09:53 AM, Pavel Zuna wrote:
This patch updates files for translators mainly with docstrings (ipa help) and a
few normal strings added in the past weeks.

I'm pretty sure there was a mail by John with instruction on how to get them to
transifex, but I can't find it. :(

The mail probably said we need to do a 'tx push -s' after updating the pot. I've since updated our transifex ipa resource to point to our pot file in our git repo which I believe means we won't need to do a push. Instead I believe the updated pot will automatically be visible to the translators.

I also noticed your patch includes updates to each po file, I don't think this is necessary either. When a translator updates a po from our pot we just simply fetch via 'tx pull'. My understanding is the tx server no longer maintains actual po files, rather they are a 'virtual' view of po based on the existing translation and the current pot. A physical po file is generated on demand when you do a 'tx pull' (or grab it from the website).

This is the url to our tx resource


Here is what I suggest we do (I can do this if you wish).

We print out a copy of the resource page showing the current state of the pot and the po's. We commit the updated pot to git. We wait a little bit for the tx server to detect our git commit. We compare the resource state from before the commit, it should show a larger pot file and the percent translation for each po should have decreased due to the larger pot.

I have made a copy of the current resource state.

Please redo the patch so it's just the pot file and commit it to git. I don't see a need for review on pot and po file commits. Let me know when the commit has occurred. I'll watch the state on transifex to confirm it's working as expected.

Assuming all goes as expected, translators will start updating the po's which we periodically will fetch with 'tx pull'. (All of this would be easier for someone with commit access).

John Dennis <jden...@redhat.com>

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