Add HBAC Rule and Sudo Rule to users as indirect member attributes to simplify 
the auditing of users for their indirect membership to their authorization 

An Administrator should have the ability to quickly identify the rights a user 
will have in the system.

For example. With the patch added, my user show looks like this:

# ipa user-show tester --all
  dn: uid=builder,cn=users,cn=accounts,dc=example,dc=com
  User login: tester
  First name: Tester
  Last name: Engineering
  Full name: Tester Engineering
  Display name: Tester Engineering
  Initials: TE
  Home directory: /home/tester
  GECOS field: Tester Engineering
  Login shell: /bin/sh
  Kerberos principal:
  UID: 1829800388
  GID: 1829800388
  Account disabled: False
  Member of groups: ipausers, auto-dev-deploy-tools, build-integration
  ipauniqueid: 72fa22c6-6085-11e0-9629-0023aefe4ec0
  memberofindirect_HBAC rule: development
  memberofindirect_Sudo Rule: AUTO-dev-deploy-tools_DEPLOY, 
AUTO-dev-deploy-tools_ZENOSS, build-integration
  mepmanagedentry: cn=tester,cn=groups,cn=accounts,dc=example,dc=com
  objectclass: top, person, organizationalperson, inetorgperson, inetuser, 

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Description: freeipa-jraquino-0024-Add-sudorule-and-hbacrule-to-indirectmemberof-attrib.patch

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