On 4/19/2011 3:07 PM, Adam Young wrote:
going to post this, but with a request to hold on pushing to the repo. I
have not yet tested against selenium, and suspect that it will break all
selenium test navigation.

I've tested this patch with static data. There are some issues:

1. Incorrect data after switching tabs.
   Open Users tab, then click User Groups tab, all of the groups will
   be admin's. Refresh the page, it will show the correct data.

2. Missing third level tabs.
   Open HBAC tab, the Services & Service Groups are missing.
   Open SUDO tab, the Commands and Command Groups tabs are missing.
   Open Role Based Access Control, the Permissions and Privileges tabs
   are missing.

3. Default tab is not activated.
   Open Users->admin, the Settings tab is inactive. It should be bigger
   than the other tabs.

4. Inconsistent position of the action buttons.
   Open Users tab, observe the position of the Delete & Add buttons.
   Then click one of the users, the Reset & Update buttons move to
   the left.

5. Entity label (e.g. Users) should be used instead of entity name
   (e.g. user) as the page title (next to the buttons).

6. The page title (e.g. user) is too close to the tab groups (e.g.
   Settings). It needs some space between them.

7. The order of tab groups is not very intuitive.
   Open Groups tab, click one of the groups. The default tab group (i.e.
   Settings) is located between Member and Member Of. It would be
   better to put the default tab at the left most position.

8. The if-then clause on entity.js:46 is unnecessary. There's no need
   to check spec.facet_group before assigning it to that.facet_group.

9. The assignment on entity.js:296 is unnecessary. Each facet has a
   reference to the entity, so the entity header can be accessed using

10. IPA.entity_header() should take a spec object instead of attribute
    list for consistency.

Endi S. Dewata

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