On 4/22/2011 2:33 PM, Adam Young wrote:
Again, have not yet run Selenium against this, so please do not push.
There are conflicts between this version and some of edewata's patch.
Additionally, there are some know issues with the rendering on the
ACI pages which I'll iron out before this gets submitted for real.

This version solves Issues 1,2,4,5 (sort of) ,8,9,and 10 from below.

This version deals with #7. Unit tests and jsl is fixed. Rebased on
top of Endi's last action-button patch.

Remaining issues have to do with css and styling.

Still haven't run it through the Selenium tests.

OK, with this, the most egregious of the UI issues are fixed. While I'm
sure we'll want to do more with it in the long term, I'm going to say
that this is ready to go in. We'll fix the selenium tests as a follow on

Some issues:

3. Default tab is not activated.
   Open Users, click one of the user, the default tab is activated.
   Click Back to List, open the user again, the default tab is not

4. Inconsistent position of the action buttons.
   - Open Users tab, observe the position of the Delete & Add buttons.
     Then click one of the users, the Reset & Update buttons move to
     the left.
   - Open User Groups tab, observe the Add buttons, click one of the
     groups, the Enroll button moves to the left.

5. Entity label should be used instead of entity name as the page title.
   Open Sudo -> Sudo Command Groups -> group1. The page title is
   "SUDOCMDGROUP:GROUP1". The problem with this is that unlike the
   label, entity name will not be translated.

9. These facet.entity_header assignments are unnecessary:
   - entity.js:307
   - details_tests.js:211
   - entity_tests.js:79
   Each facet has a reference to the entity, so the entity header can
   be accessed using that.entity.header inside the facet or
   facet.entity.header outside the facet.

11. Navigation error.
    Open User Groups tab, click one of the groups. Under Member Users,
    click one of the users. It will show an error dialog box (it has
    some typos too).

12. In the search facet there is a big space between the buttons and
    the results table.

13. The 3rd level tabs appear only when the HBAC, Sudo, and RBAC tabs
    are selected. This is causing the rest of the page to shift down.
    As I mentioned before, here is my suggestion:

14. According to the spec the buttons should be located below the 4th
    level tabs (facet tabs). So it should be inside a 'facet-header'
    instead of 'entity-header'.

15. Most of navigation links are on the left part of the page, but
    'Back to Link' is on the right side. It's a bit inconvenient having
    to go all the way to the right just to go back to the search page,
    especially when reviewing many entries.

16. Some facet group headers in the 4th level tabs are unnecessary.
    The Settings header above the Settings tab is redundant.
    The Member header above DNS resource record tab is probably
    inappropriate although that's how it's implemented internally.
    There should be a way not to show the headers.

17. Association facet doesn't set page title.
    Open User Groups, the page title is "USER GROUPS". Click one of the
    groups, it will open an association facet, the page title is
    unchanged. Then click Settings tab, the title changes to
    "GROUP:...". Click the association again, the title remains the

18. Kerberos Ticket Policy and Configuration tabs don't have page

19. There should be a space after colon in the page title.
    Open Users tab, then click admin. The title is "USER:ADMIN".

20. The facet groups needs to be customizable. Currently it's stored
    in unordered set in entity's facet_group and the order is hard-
    coded in get_facet() and facet_tabs(). It would be difficult
    to workaround this limitations in custom facets.

    See how facets are stored in entity. The names are stored in an
    ordered list (that.facets) and the instances are stored in a
    dictionary (that.facets_by_name). Facet groups should use a similar
    method to store the order and facet collections.

    In get_facet() the default facet should be the first facet in the
    first group. In facet_tabs() the tab_section should be created
    according to the order they are stored.

21. The IPA.entity_header should be created in entity.init() instead of
    in entity.setup() line 305. The entity.setup() only needs to store
    the container in the entity.header. This also eliminates manual
    creations in the qunit tests.

For issues #12-16 I think we need to get UXD's feedback.

Endi S. Dewata

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