The general pattern for finding something is

<entityname>_find FILTER

And for nested entities is

<entityname>_find PARENTKEY FILTER

So for Automount it is

automountlocation_find FILTER

automountmap_find LOC FILTER

So Key should be

automountkey_find LOC MAP FILTER

The show command should then be

<entityname>_show PKEY

<entityname>_show PARENTKEY PKEY

So for Automount it should be

automountlocation_show LOC

automountmap_show LOC MAP

so key should be

automountkey_show LOC MAP KEY

For the key, in both cases it is not this. Instead, the whole keyand the whole --info (mountpoint) must be specified for the show command. On the find side there is an indication that the parameters should be --info and --key, but FILTER seems to work correctly.

It seems that the key should be unique within a map. Is there any good reason to require the --info parameter when showing keys? Instead, it only enforces that a pair be unique. Since automount triggers if someone browsers to a specific directory, I thought that the option of which to choose would have to be deterministic: if I go to /home/ayoung, It ought to always mount nfsserver:/home/ayoung. What am I missing.

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