On 05/14/2011 03:27 AM, Adam Young wrote:
> I'm tripping over the solution to this ticket:
> https://fedorahosted.org/freeipa/ticket/293
> I don't understand the statement:
> "The key for a direct map is /- so only one can be in auto.master" 
> auto.master is the map.  Do you mean that there cannot be more than one
> direct map in a location?

auto.master is the default map that is consulted for the list of maps.

The problem was that we were storing the map key (automountkey
attribute) as RDN, so in effect you could not have duplicate keys. For
indirect maps, it is usually OK, but the problem is storing something
like this in LDAP:

/-      /etc/auto.direct
/-      /etc/auto.direct2

The patch for #293 worked around the uniqueness constraint by not
storing the automountkey in the DN but rather storing the (automountkey,
automountinformation) tuple in the description attribute and using
description for the RDN. So instead of requiring the key to be unique we
require the (key,info) tuple to be unique.

Automounter does not care about DNs of keys, so this approach was safe.

> The key for a direct map should be the fully qualified path name down to
> the mount point.  If it is a direct map, the mount point is specified
> from /-,  but the key will be unique:

You are describing the contents of the direct map. The problem is
linking the direct map into the master map.

> For example
> /home/ayoung exporter:/altlocation/ayoung
> /home/* exporter:/home/&
> That would allow a different location for my home directory (ayoung)
> than everyone else.
> I've reverted the patch in my tree and the original behavior seems
> sensible.  What was the impetus for pushing this patch through, and can
> we cleanly revert it?  Rob stated that that there will be a data porting
> issue due to the values we put in to Dir Srv for the dn.

I fail to see what is the problem with the patch and why do you suggest
reverting it?

> A related issue that may be moot:  I tested an indirect map, and can't
> see where the key gets stored.  I haven't tried it without the reverted
> patch, so it may be something that got fixed later.

In the automountkey attribute, which is the same as with the reverted
patch. The patch only changes the DNs, nothing else.

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