On 5/24/2011 1:11 PM, Adam Young wrote:
Known issues: the back to list links are broken. Add and delete for keys
not working due to API issues discussed elsewhere.

Some issues:

1. The 3rd level tabs (Location, Maps, Keys) can be removed because
   there's already a breadcrumb which provides the functionality needed.
   It's not possible to go to a map or key directly without selecting a
   location, so having a tab for Maps or Keys doesn't quite make sense.
   Also if you click the Maps or Keys it will go to an empty maps page
   and clicking the browser's back button doesn't work.

2. The prefix in the page title keeps changing which forces you to
   re-read the title to make sure you're in the right page.
   - Automount Location:BOS
   - Automount Maps:BOS > auto.direct
   - Automount Keys:BOS > auto.direct > nfsserver:/var/log/dirsrv

   This can be simplified by removing the entity name:
   - Automount: BOS
   - Automount: BOS > auto.direct
   - Automount: BOS > auto.direct > nfsserver:/var/log/dirsrv

   This way it will look more like a breadcrumb and be less confusing.
   The "Automount" itself could be made a link to go to locations.

3. There should be a space after the colon, e.g. "Automount: BOS".

4. The "Add" button is broken for all entities. It adds the entry but
   fails to refresh the table. The other Add buttons work fine.

5. The search filter for maps and keys doesn't work, the results don't

6. Update operation is broken for all entities because in details.js
   line 325 the slice() returns an array which is incorrectly inserted
   into the array of primary keys.

Endi S. Dewata

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