Martin Kosek wrote:
Interactive mode for commands manipulating with DNS records
(dnsrecord-add, dnsrecord-del) is not usable. This patch enhances
the server framework with new callback for interactive mode, which
can be used by commands to inject their own interactive handling.

The callback is then used to improve aforementioned commands'
interactive mode.

This works pretty nicely but it seems like with just a bit more it can be great.

Can you add some doc examples for how this works?

And you display the records now and then prompt for each to delete. Can you combine the two?

For example:

ipa dnsrecord-del lion
No option to delete specific record provided.
Delete all? Yes/No (default No):
Current DNS record contents:

A record:

Enter value(s) to remove:
[A record]:

If we know there is an record why not just prompt for each value yes/no to delete?

The yes/no function needs more documentation on what default does too. It appears that the possible values are None/True/False and that None means that '' can be returned (which could still be evaluated as False if this isn't used right).


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