On Jun 15, 2011, at 8:03 AM, Rob Crittenden wrote:

> A minor issue and a question.
> The minor issue is you changed a couple of options from optional to 
> mandatory, which is fine, but we need to bump up the minor version in VERSION 
> (older clients otherwise could not send the string and blow things up).

Is there a rule of thumb or document that details when this is appropriate?

> The question is, should we raise EmptyModList() when removing an option that 
> doesn't exist or NotFound(reason=_())? I think the second might be more 
> explanatory but might be harder for handle in scripts (how would you 
> distinguish between entry not found and option not found)?
> rob

As per IRC conversation:
Added new Exception: AttrValueNotFound
Incremented minor version in VERSION
Adjusted API
1276 (Raise AttrValueNotFound when trying to remove a non-existent option from 
Sudo rule)
1277 (Raise DuplicateEntry Error when adding a duplicate sudo option)
1308 (Make sudooption a required option for sudorule_remove_option)

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