On 30.6.2011 22:54, Adam Young wrote:
On 06/28/2011 02:08 PM, Rob Crittenden wrote:
Jan Cholasta wrote:
On 21.6.2011 14:15, Jan Cholasta wrote:
This patch adds a new option name_from_ip to dnszone commands. Default
value of idnsname is created from this option.


Fixed the API version number, added usage example to dns plugin help.



Had quickie code review in IRC this morning. I asked for a comment
around the while loop, Honza suggested: This is to make chained
default_from work - idnssoarname default is created from idnsname and
idnsname default is created from name_from_ip - without this change,
idnssoarname default value isn't created when only name_from_ip is

Would also be nice to have a test case for this new usage.


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Finally got the code to run, and I realize that it is completely a
client side operation. That won't work for the WebUI.

What do you mean? I have tested it both in CLI and WebUI and both worked fine.

The WebUI needs to use the same business logic as the CLI, but it cannot
execute client side Python. Thus the API needs to accept the IP address,
and calculate the reverse zone on it.

The API does accept the IP address (through the name_from_net option) and does calculate the reverse zone name from it.

I don't see where is the problem. Would you care to explain please?

The reverse zone should honor the netmask. A discussion earlier today
decided that if no netmask is specifified, use an assumed netmask of /64
for IPv6 and of /24 for IPv4.


Jan Cholasta

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