On Fri, 2011-07-15 at 14:43 +0200, Jan Cholasta wrote:
> On 15.7.2011 05:42, Rob Crittenden wrote:
> > Add a separate tool for now to do dogtag replication agreement
> > management. The syntax is the same for IPA agreements with the exception
> > that the DM password is always required and it isn't possible to
> > delegate the management of this.
> >
> > ticket https://fedorahosted.org/freeipa/ticket/1250
> >
> > rob
> >
> 'ipa-csreplica-manage list server' doesn't list the peers of the 
> specified server, but the peers of localhost.
> Connecting already connected pair of replicas duplicates the replication 
> information ('ipa-csreplica-manage list server' shows the same hostname 
> twice).
> There is trailing whitespace on line 87 of the patch.
> BTW I don't understand why is it possible (or necessary?) to be able to 
> have CS replication topology that is different from the main IPA 
> replication topology (ipa-csreplica-manage allows you to do that). Is 
> there a reason for this?
> Honza

And some issues from me:

1) Unhelpful error message when force-syncing from a master without a
replication agreement:

# ipa-csreplica-manage force-sync --from=HOST
Directory Manager password: 
ipa: ERROR: Unable to find replication agreement for 
unexpected error: Unable to proceed

2) Minor stuff in man page:

Unindented Exit statuses:
       0 if the command was successful
        1 if an error occurred

Missing dot: The default is the machine on which the command is run  Not
              honoured by the re-initialize command.

Otherwise it looks good.


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