On Jul 19, 2011, at 2:05 PM, JR Aquino wrote:

> On Jul 19, 2011, at 7:30 AM, Martin Kosek wrote:
>> On Tue, 2011-06-14 at 19:03 +0000, JR Aquino wrote:
>>> Adjustment to install/share/schema_compat.uldif to correctly assign 
>>> sudorunasuser for both a user and group object respectively.
>>> The bug had to do with the compat plugin syntax needing to correctly 
>>> identify the difference behind intent with the 'runas' attributes.
>>> The difference is handling is:
>>> Sudo allowing someone to run a command as a user, or any user in a _group_.
>>> vs
>>> Sudo allowing someone to run a command as their own user but with a 
>>> different _Group_ or GUID.
>>> This is a very subtle difference that can be frustrating to configure / 
>>> think about.
>>> I have added a patch to address new standard installs and updates.
>>> (This Fix is blocked by https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=713209)
>> NACK.
>> 1) You forgot to update install/updates/Makefile.am so that the update
>> is really executed. Please check that there won't be a conflict with
>> your patch 37, they touch the same areas.
> Fixed
>> 2) Syntax of the "replace" statement in .update files has changed since
>> you submitted your patch. The old and the new value are delimited with
>> "::" now, IIRC.
> And Fixed

Final Patch: -Fixed indentation of makefile to use tabs instead of spaces-

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