On 7/19/2011 6:38 PM, Adam Young wrote:
Missed a change to fix the unit tests.

I haven't finished testing it, but here are some issues:

1. If DNS is disabled, the DNS zone entity throws an uncaught exception so the execution stops.

2. In add.js:41 the IPA.nav.show_entity_page() takes an array of primary keys instead of just a single primary key.

3. The metadata can be accessed in a simpler way, so instead of this:

  var pkey_name = IPA.metadata.objects[that.entity.name].primary_key;

we can use this:

  var pkey_name = that.entity.metadata.primary_key;

4. The parentheses in association.js:718 is not necesary:

  spec = ({ name: spec });

5. The combobox_open.png.white got added into the patch.

6. The author list got changed in entity.js.

7. In IPA.details_section.create() the <div> got changed into <span> and the details-field removed class got deleted.

8. Triggering a stack trace by calling null function probably will only work with Firebug, normal users will not get any notification about the error. This happens in dialog.js:301 and widget.js:1137.

9. The code related to HBAC access time got removed. I think when we deferred this feature last time we decided to comment out the code but not delete it.

10. The expand/collapse all in details facet no longer works.

11. There are some whitespace warnings.

Endi S. Dewata

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