On 07/26/2011 07:09 PM, Endi Sukma Dewata wrote:
On 7/26/2011 6:27 AM, Petr Vobornik wrote:
Fixed adding host without DNS reverse zone


Shows status dialog instead of error dialog (error 4304 is treated like

This patch is fixing the problem, but maybe in a wrong way.

Main problem was that error has to be treated like success. This
decision is done in command.execute() method.

There are two ways to do it
1) Interrupt error handling - transform error to success
2) Interrupt success handling - don't let success to be transformed into

Solution is using the second option. But I think first option is better.
But there are obstacles:
- handling is done in private function (for me ipa.js line ~ 290)
- there is an extend point - setting on_error method. Problem is that
this method is executed only if command.retry is false (default is
true). Setting it to false will disable usage of error dialog (which is
private function). So I would lose functionality for normal errors.
Reordering these lines isn't an option because it would affect a lot of
- one way would be to extract code for error dialog and make it a
regular reusable dialog (with command as parameter). This way it can be
used in custom error handler.

Is it ACKable, or is it better to do it as described?


Hi Petr,

The new is_custom_success and on_custom_success attributes in IPA.command somehow competes with the original on_success because they serve a similar purpose. I think it's better to make the default error dialog in IPA.command public so it can be used by other code as well.

We have a global variable IPA.error_dialog which stores the DOM element for the error dialog. I think we can convert it into a global object which you can open/close to show the default error dialog. The original DOM element can be stored in a 'container' attribute in that object.

In other words, convert dialog_open() into IPA.error_dialog.open(), move the original IPA.error_dialog into IPA.error_dialog.container. Set retry to false when invoking IPA.command, then specify an error handler which will catch error 4304. For other errors you'll display the default error dialog.

There are also some warnings about trailing whitespaces when applying the patch. You can remove them by adding the --whitespace=fix option when applying the patch with git am.

On the whitespace issue, if you are an emacs person, there is a command: alt-x whitespace-cleanup that you should run on a file after you make changes.

I have
 '(show-trailing-whitespace t))
in my .emacs file, which shows all whitespace as red...which properly motivates you to clean it up as soon as possible. I'm not sure the comparable vi settings, but I know they exist.

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