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Jenny Galipeau wrote:
Hi Adam and Rob:
I have some questions about setting a Host OTP and what use cases
should be supported. In testing the Web UI and setting the OTP for a
host, it became apparent that their is now way to retrieve an
existing OTP. Is this on purpose? It confused me a bit that the UI
did not change to indicate that an OTP existed. I think this is a

Also, is it on purpose that you can not retrieve and existing OTP?
Else, you would need to set a new one if you could not remember what
it was? If it is the later, I would think the Web UI could indicate
that one is set, but changing the button maybe to "Set New OTP"??


Yes, it is on purpose that you can't retrieve an existing OTP, it is a
password after all.

There is no way to know if a password has been set or not. Please open
bug if you'd like to be able to tell.

Okay, obviously this would mean addition flag to the CLI yes??

We would represent it as an attribute on output, there wouldn't be any options changes for this.


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