Alexander Bokovoy wrote:
On 29.07.2011 07:41, Rob Crittenden wrote:
Alexander Bokovoy wrote:
On 29.07.2011 06:38, Alexander Bokovoy wrote:
Fixed that all and added unit test for non-existing rules.
Modified description to be more detailed and added real examples.
Scratch previous version, while nicely renaming unit tests before commit
and after patch testing I didn't keep right order of cleanup and the
non-existing rule test.

Fixed version.

Nack, two very minor issues:

ipalib/plugins/ [E0602] Undefined variable 'sys'

This code can probably be done away with since we have a Requires for
it. I won't insist on it though.
Yes, removed since package with ipalib will have the dependency.

There is a slew of trailing white-space.


Minor rebase because was updated, pushed to master.


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