On 22.08.2011 18:17, Alexander Bokovoy wrote:
> On 22.08.2011 16:30, Simo Sorce wrote:
>> As we finally branched ipa-2-1 from master we are now open to put 3.0
>> related material on the tree.
>> Here is my rebased set of patches that apply on top of master:
>> http://fedorapeople.org/gitweb?p=simo/public_git/freeipa.git;a=summary
>> They are in the freeipa-v3 branch.
>> Please review and work with me to rebase/refactor any patch that would
>> get a nack. We will fix them until your liking and will finally emit
>> just a one, huge, ACK, or NACK :)
> I went through first 14 commits. ACK for 13 first.
> In 6385c80c6c71ae8c4d1f11230c8408bd4bf3f9e3 ipadb_realm_to_ldapi_uri()
> uses two string constants "ldapi://" and "%2fslapd-" four times each. It
> would be nice to #define them and use macros instead, purely for
> maintenance purposes.
> In the same function there is comment with typo (patch instead of path).
> These are minor and you probably can ignore them.
> I'll continue with remaining ones tomorrow.
Finally went through all patches.

Simo did make squash-in commits to address found issues (which were
discussed on #freeipa over past few days).

I don't have comments anymore. ACK.

/ Alexander Bokovoy

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