Jan Cholasta wrote:
On 29.8.2011 23:49, Rob Crittenden wrote:
There are still places where the client installation can fail that can
cause /etc/sysconfig/network to be restored. I went through a number of
iterations on restoring this and finally decided that we should just
call uninstall() and undo everything.

When we do automatic uninstallation I made it to be quiet since the user
probably doesn't care what the individual steps are.

We had a lot of sys.exit() interspersed in the installer that I replaced
with print and return to make the code paths easier. I also replaced a
bunch of magic integer values with constants.

If --force is passed we leave things as they are.


ipa-client/ipa-install/ipa-client-install:276: [E0602, uninstall]
Undefined variable 'emit_erro'

Besides that, ACK.


Fixed and pushed to master and ipa-2-1

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