Rob Crittenden wrote:
Martin Kosek wrote:
On Wed, 2011-08-17 at 14:23 -0400, Rob Crittenden wrote:
Rob Crittenden wrote:
Let hostgroups show that they are members of netgroups.


Updated patch

It works fine with CLI. Still, I have 2 remarks:

1) Although the new "netgroup" tab in the WebUI screen for Host Group
was displayed, Delete/Enroll actions in this new tab did not work. I did
not find any problem in CLI, maybe Endi or Petr can provide a hint what
is wrong.

2) This patch's needs to be rebased, there were conflicts in updated

So its ACK from me if the tests are fixed + WebUI guys don't object to
the patch.


Updated patch so Endi can give it a quick looksee


ACK'd by endi in IRC, pushed to master and ipa-2-1.

There is a problem in the UI, Endi is going to create a new ticket to fix it.


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