On 09/08/2011 12:41 AM, Endi Sukma Dewata wrote:
In order to maintain consistent layout between details page and dialog
boxes the IPA.details_list_section has been replaced with
IPA.details_table_section which is based on table.

The IPA.target_section and other subclasses of IPA.details_list_section
have been converted to use IPA.details_table_section as well.

The unit tests have been updated accordingly.

Ticket #1648

Some minor things:

In IPA.details_table_section:
1)not renamed list_section_create method

Code clean-up in aci.js:
2) IPA.rights_section can be deleted and replaced by spec object usage. It doesn't add any functionality.
3) IPA.permission_details_facet can be deleted - it isn't used anywhere.

Should we unite label align? In add dialog labels are aligned left, in details table right.

Otherwise it looks OK.

Petr Vobornik

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