Alexander Bokovoy wrote:
On Wed, 05 Oct 2011, Rob Crittenden wrote:
In synconce_ntp() is going to raise an exception when a
ntpupdate returns non-zero so the retry code isn't going to work.
You need to add raiseonerr=False to the call.

It looks like you changed your mind on the retries variable too.

I ended up not using raiseonerr=False as all I needed is a way to
break out of the loop on success so that will come sequentially if
there is no exception.

Patch attached.

This works but there is a noticeable pause on my system when ntpdate is being run. I think it would be handy to output a message saying that the date is being updated.

Is it necessary to sync the date when a one-time password is being used? It doesn't hurt but it does pause a second or three.


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