John Dennis wrote:
There were quite errors in es.po, it was difficult or impossible to
track down where they came from, Transifex does not have good revision

I fixed about 20% of the msgstr's in the file that had obvious
problems which could be spotted by a non-Spanish speaking person.

I think this should be left as it was:

 #: ipalib/plugins/
 msgid "searchtimelimit must be -1 or > 1."
-msgstr "searchtimelimit debe ser -1 o> 1."
+msgstr ""

There are some cases where leading white space is remove and a bunch where it is added. Are these ok?

@@ -3184,7 +3117,7 @@ msgid ""
 "    "
 msgstr ""
-"Búsqueda de cuentas de derechod."
+"    Búsqueda de cuentas de derechod."

Otherwise looks lots better


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