On Thu, 13 Oct 2011, Martin Kosek wrote:
> > 1. If an installation error occurs after the hostname has been changed 
> > it isn't reverted and the uninstaller needs to be run. This should 
> > rollback like the client.
> I think this is quite different. Client runs a whole uninstall()
> procedure when the installation crashes. I see we have following options
> here:
> 1) Run uninstall() when server installation crashes (not my favorite,
> this would make the investigation of what went difficult)

> 2) Restore just hostname and /etc/sysconfig/network file when
> installation crashes and leave other for --uninstall (thus create a bit
> inconsistent state)
For this one, there is now FileStore.has_file(path) method that allows 
to check whether file store has back up for a file pointed by an 
absolute path. This will allow you to proper detect that we actually 
changed hostname/archived /etc/sysconfig/network already -- either in 
server or client installation context.

Unlike all other methods, this one gives you nondestructive peeking of 
the file store state.
/ Alexander Bokovoy

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