On 10/24/2011 3:29 AM, Petr Vobornik wrote:

* Added functionality for widget composition. This allows to gather
update information from nested widgets and gradually combine it to the
facet level.
* Details' facet update method was split to several parts to allow finer
overriding in subclasses.
* Sudo rule and HBAC rule details facet was reworked to use new

Changes in composite_widget (formal details_facet):
* added get_update_info method (for all widgets)
* modified save method
* added links to parent widget and facet

Note: cleanup of sudo options section may be part of

Some issues:

1. The IPA.hbacrule_details_facet uses IPA.sudo.enable_widget(). This makes HBAC unnecessarily dependent on sudo. The enable_widget should be moved to widget.js or rule.js which is shared between HBAC and sudo.

2. The set_facet() is added to widget. I don't think we want to make widget dependent on facet. The facet so far is only used by IPA.sudo.enable_widget. In IPA.sudo.options_section the facet object is passed as a parameter in spec.

3. When updating sudo rule, in the original code the rule is enabled/disabled after all the modifications are done. In the new code it's reversed. I'm not sure the importance of the execution order for this particular situation, but suppose it is, is there a way to maintain the original order?

4. The IPA.header_widget is not really a widget, it's actually part of layout. In the current implementation a widget always corresponds to an attribute, so it will be loaded, saved, etc. Since there is no attribute name matching the header name currently this is not a problem, but it can pollute the namespace.

5. In details facet update(), instead of storing the callbacks in update_custom_on_win and update_custom_on_fail and requiring the subclasses to call them, it might be better to call them from the update() itself:

        var command = IPA.command({
            on_success: function(data, text_status, xhr) {
                that.on_update_success(data, text_status, xhr)
                if (on_win) on_win.call(this, data, text_status, xhr);
            on_error: function(xhr, text_status, error_thrown) {
                that.on_update_error(xhr, text_status, error_thrown);
                if (on_fail) on_fail.call(
                    this, xhr, text_status, error_thrown);

6. Can IPA.batch_details_facet be combined into IPA.details_facet? I think the base details facet should support both regular mod and batch.

7. In sudo details page, the "As Whom" category is missing the "RunAs User category" radio buttons.

8. The IPA.sudo.rule_details_runas_widget uses composite widget instead of section. They are right now functionally identical, but I suppose the composite widget is an abstract class and the section will later contain code specific to section.

9. It's probably better to define the proper update_info and field_info classes rather than constructing them on the fly.

10. There are some whitespace warnings during git am.

11. The following code doesn't seem to be used:
     * param_info in details.js:469
     * update_command_name in details.js:597

Endi S. Dewata

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